4.29.10 (or if you’re the rest of the world: 29.4.10)

I’m sitting in the coffee shop around the corner from my soon-to-be former house right now. Good coffee. A little bitter, but still good. It’s a shame that I’m moving away from this cute little neighborhood. But, on to bigger and better things!

Last night in Chi Alpha, John preached on using our own means to achieve God’s promises, rather than allowing God to to fulfill them. Sound familiar? It does to me. In Genesis 16, Sarai says “Perhaps I…”

Perhaps. Perhaps I’ve tried the same, going with what I know in regards to provision – a job, rather than stepping out in faith to the unknown.

Perhaps I’ve waited when God commanded me to move. Perhaps we all have.

But, no longer. God is our provider. I have been called – you have, too. Maybe you have been called into ministry, but don’t want to make that step because it means a step down in income. Perhaps you’ve been called out of traditional ministry, but fear succumbing to the world or hard work. Perhaps you’ve been called to submit to another in a relationship, for the sake of maintaining peace. Perhaps you’ve been called to serve another in need, but fear you don’t have the time. But, if we do as God calls us, if we obey Him, we will begin to live a fuller life, be happier, be in the right, all that jazz. (But, of course, our life is not about us, it’s about Him.)

Pray with me: God, I know that I’ve sinned. I’ve not allowed you to work in my life as You have asked. God, I submit to Your promises and Your purposes. Please grant me the tenacity to continue to live in Your promises – that You are my provider, that You have a plan. Use Your Word. Guide my steps.

Thank you, Lord. Thank you!

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