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Today I really begin support raising. Like, really, really. I have a coach (thanks Glen!) and  a list of things to do. Hopefully I will share some Scripture promises soon. In other news, I ran into the first guy I … Continue reading

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5.18.10: Of Slumber Parties and Pancake Peoples

How can we create a culture of respect? What would you be if you didn’t know Jesus? How is our sick friend doing? How many balloons did Carl use to get his house in the air? These were all questions … Continue reading

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I’m loving these multiples of five – it’s the accountant in me! Today I am praying for people. I am praying for my family. My friends. My new landlady. The students at Stanford. Those who support me on my journey, … Continue reading

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5.5.10; better known as Cinco de Mayo

Tacos, anyone? Sadly, I have not had any real tacos since moving to Palo Alto. But, I have had some good coffee, made by me, of course! Tonight is Chi Alpha, and I am sitting here listening to the worship … Continue reading

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5.3.10 – Where do I begin?

I am in another coffee shop, writing this. I currently don’t have internet at home – suckage. If you don’t know, I moved again. My current place, although cheap and fairly comfortable, was a guy’s place. And the new roommate … Continue reading

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