5.5.10; better known as Cinco de Mayo

Tacos, anyone?

Sadly, I have not had any real tacos since moving to Palo Alto. But, I have had some good coffee, made by me, of course!

Tonight is Chi Alpha, and I am sitting here listening to the worship team practice. The video broadcast – which I now run – is all ready to go. So, time for some thinking and expressing.

I am now thinking of the fulfillment of promises and that God is the fulfill-er, not us. The sermons this quarter are closely following Abram and the promises God gave to him. The promise of a child, the promise of being a father to a nation through that child, the promise that his wife, Sarai, will bear that child.  And yet, at 99 and 89 years of age, they have not seen this promise fulfilled. They tried, through Hagar, but that was not God’s promise. So then, God comes to visit to remind him again.

What really strikes me is not Abram’s wait, or the great promise, but that God visited Abram (or Sarai or another associated with Abram), on more than one occasion to reiterate the promise.  The first time, God spoke to Abram; the second time, he appeared (Genesis 12); the sixth time he appeared in human form (Gen. 17).  If God promises something, and we do not see it fulfilled, and we are still faithful, God can and will continue to remind us.

Maybe that’s how God reminds us of His promises while we wait. It’s part of His plan to keep us faithful. And if we are faithful, He will either continue to remind us that He will fulfill them, or ultimately, fulfill them. That sermon we hear that seems designed for you or me? That’s because it is. Those godly activities that point to Him? No coincidence. God will see His promises fulfilled, if we are faithful.

So, what has God promised you? Has He reminded you recently? For me, I know that God will amply supply all my needs, I just need to take the path set before me to do so. It’s rocky, and hard, but I know that He will provide, if I simply take the steps He has told me to take. If I am obedient.

Pray with me: Lord, I know what you have promised me. And I, in my sin, have not always been obedient. Please strengthen my character so that I can be obedient to what You have called me to do. Help me to realize that Your promises are not fulfilled by my own power, but by Yours. And Lord, if your promises are not fulfilled, give me reminders, not for me, but so I can be faithful and obedient to You. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for being the author and perfecter of my faith. Thank you.

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