5.18.10: Of Slumber Parties and Pancake Peoples

How can we create a culture of respect? What would you be if you didn’t know Jesus? How is our sick friend doing? How many balloons did Carl use to get his house in the air? These were all questions asked by the girls in Chi Alpha at the sleep over on Friday evening. We also rolled around in sleeping bags, took funny pictures, ate freshly baked cookies, slept on the carpet-covered cement floor together. The only thing missing was the pranks. But, oh, another time, and we will TP someone good.

The same evening, another student felt led to give out burgers on White Plaza (big, open and public area on Staford’s campus) to a bunch of partying  students. While the idea of burgers were nixed by the university, pancakes were given the go-ahead. Apparently, they ministered to over a hundred inebriated college students, praying for them and sobering them up, both with pancakes and the Holy Spirit. I can’t wait to hear the testimony tomorrow at Chi Alpha!

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