Rounding out the year…

On May 26th Chi Alpha at Stanford baptized two new members into the family of God. I can honestly say that I think my favorite sacrament is baptism, mostly because we are adding new sheep to His flock. I have seen many lives changed after baptism, including my own. This particular baptism was extra special, though. It was a good, bright year for ministry in Stanford Chi Alpha, and for something like this to come at the end of the year is like God telling us that no matter how we measure success, it’s still not His measure of success. He sometimes gives us something else.

This last weekend was Stanford graduation. There’s a tradition they have called “The Wacky Walk” where the grads dress up, or down, in costume or not, and express their joviality while walking to their seats on the field. My favorite was the Chi Alpha Care Bears.  But, there were also togas, flowers, a jellyfish, a to-do list and Pong. Congrats to all the Stanford grads!

On the fund raising trail: My car broke down this past week. Thankfully it’s only a small part to be replaced ($30!) and it’s coming in the mail. Just pray that it gets here by Friday so I can take my trip to Orange County.

Much love to you all!

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