Hello, friends.

As many of you know, I have been traveling this summer, support raising for ministry. Unfortunately, it has not been as successful as I would have liked it to be. This leaves me with several options:

1. Keep going, but put off full time ministry until I’m done.

2. Get a part time job and do ministry part time.

3. Quit ministry entirely and get a full time job.

Since I moved to do ministry, and have been support raising on and off for the past year, I have decided that option 2 is my best bet right now. I work surprisingly well in that capacity and there’s a plethora of jobs in the area. I already have a position at a women’s clothing shop, in downtown Palo Alto, but I am currently looking for something a little more lucrative and professional, since I have three weeks until the new school year starts.

I’m excited to go back to being bi-vocational, actually. Having a job enables me to entrench myself into the NorCal culture a little bit more, and it settles me in. Plus, I’ll be able to move to a better apartment/house. Praise Jesus!

So, please pray for me, that I would be provided for, and that whatever job I end up doing, I would seek His glory throughout it all. It is for Him, pray that I remember that.

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1 Response to 8.31.2010

  1. Marc says:

    I just asked John today if he knew how you were doing/what you were up to. Glad to get an update. Semra & I are excited to see what happens next for you!

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