This past quarter, God told me to start a formal prayer session for Wednesday night Chi Alpha. So, during lunch on Wednesdays, my friend Les and I prayed for God to move in Chi Alpha. And, move He did! One week we prayed for healing, and a girl was healed. Another week, we prayed for freedom, and a captive was released. You could hear the wind of the Holy Spirit move through the room.

But, this is not what this blog is about. This blog is about what I learned through the process.

A few weeks later, Les and I were having a chat about the mystery of prayer. Why does it have power? If God can do these things whether we ask or not, why do we have to ask? And, if we pray and He consistently answers in the way that we ask, doesn’t it seem to turn into a magic talisman rather than drawing close to God?

So, I asked Him what was going on. God told me this: that He requires prayer in most circumstances because it’s one of the ways we can attribute these miracles back to Him. See, if my friend Sara had a hurting wrist, and she prayed to be healed the next morning, and she woke up healed, she has a greater chance of attributing the healing to God. So, He answers our prayers so we cannot deny His reality. Now, if Sara did not pray for healing and yet she was healed, there’s much less direct connection between God and Sara, and it may have well been a freak of nature for her to have been healed.

Jesus told us to ask and then we would receive. It’s not that He doesn’t know, He was us to recognize what we need, ask Him and then He will give. That way, there’s proof the the relationship between God and man.

Makes me want to run and pray.

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