About Tina

It's me!

Hi folks!

I am a Campus Missionary Associate (henceforth, CMA), with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries. That means that I mentor Christian students and reach out to non-Christian students. It’s an awesome job. I’m currently on staff with the Chi Alpha at Stanford. Let’s just say, “I love you guys.”

I also have a part-time job at Stanford doing financial for a group of researchers.

A short bio: born and raised in Orange County, I graduated from UC Santa Barbara with my degree in philosophy. I stayed in the Santa Barbara area, working, volunteering with Chi Alpha and generally having a good time. In January 2009, my mentor challenged me to change careers and go into full time ministry. That was the conversation I was waiting for. So, after a year and a half of ups and downs, here I am, in Palo Alto, doing ministry. And, even though I may not be doing ministry full time, my part-time status has me looking up.

As far as my personal interests, it’s a varied range. Mostly, it’s keeping in touch with my friends. But, as far as things I do, I’m a reader, and like theology. My current obsession is Old Testament and Pentateuch. I also sew, and like vintage fashion. I like the outdoors, too, although there’s not one thing that I like more than another in that category.  I can also do a little salsa and cook a nice dinner, too. 🙂


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