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Today, much of the U.S. is observing Veterans’ Day. Except those of us that work at a private institution.  Le sigh. But, work is not without the interwebs, so I am broadcasting from my desk (not on company time, of … Continue reading

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This past quarter, God told me to start a formal prayer session for Wednesday night Chi Alpha. So, during lunch on Wednesdays, my friend Les and I prayed for God to move in Chi Alpha. And, move He did! One … Continue reading

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There is nothing I can do… For the past few weeks I have been meditating on the idea that there is nothing I can do to earn the love of God. He did everything. All we basically have to do … Continue reading

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In the last posting, I didn’t use my usual format of mm.dd.yy. Oh well. Anyway, I want to send out a little update: 1. About December 1st, I moved into a new apartment. And I LOVE IT. Finally, a place … Continue reading

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Pressing in

I’ve heard the words “pressing in” a lot recently, especially in regards to extended worship and prayer sessions. “Press into God.” “Press deeper into His presence.” On the surface, it seems like a call to focus more deeply on the … Continue reading

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Hope is an active verb. It’s official: I’m moving. You may or may not know that I do not like where I live. There’s no area to entertain, no internet, no carpet, no meat, no couch. That was tolerable for … Continue reading

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The Golden Rule Last week, Glen preached on the story of The Rich Young Ruler and one of his points got me thinking. Basic rundown: a young man asks Jesus how to obtain eternal life. Jesus quotes some commandments, but … Continue reading

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